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Systematic identification and characterization of genes in the regulation and biogenesis of photosynthetic machineryKafri M., Patena W., Martin L., Wang L., Gomer G., Ergun S L., Sirkejyan A K., Goh A., Wilson A T., Gavrilenko S E., Breker M., Roichman A., McWhite C D., Rabinowitz J D., Cross F R., Wuhr M., Jonikas M C. Cell (25), 5638-5655.


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AMPK regulates ESCRT-dependent microautophagy of proteasomes concomitant with proteasome storage granule assembly during glucose starvation.
J Li, M Breker, M G
raham, M Schuldiner, M Hochstrasser (2019)
PLoS genetics 15 (11).



Comprehensive discovery of cell-cycle-essential pathways in Chlamydomonas reinhardtii.
M Bre
ker, K Lieberman, FR Cross (2018)
The Plant Cell 30 (6), 1178-1198.


Iron affects Ire1 clustering propensity and the amplitude of endoplasmic reticulum stress signaling.
Cohen N*., Br
eker M*., Bakunts A., Pesek K., Chas A., Argemi J., Orsi A., Gal L., Chuartzman S., Wigelman Y., Jonas F., Walter P., Ernst R., Aragon T., van Anken E., Schuldiner M. (2017)
J Cell Sci (19), 3222-3233.
*equal contribution

Validated Bayesian differentiation of causative and passenger mutations.
Cross F.R., Breker M., & Lieberman K. (2017)
G3 (7), 2081-2094.

Heterosis as a consequence of regulatory incompatibility.
Herbst R.H., Bar-Zvi D., Reikhav S., Soifer I., Breker M., Jona G., Shimoni E., Schuldiner M., Levy A., & Barkai N. (2017)
BMC Biology (1), 38.


High-throughput robotically assisted isolation of temperature-sensitive lethal mutants in Chlamydomonas reinhardtii.
reker M., Lieberman K., Tulin F., & Cross F.R. (2016)
J Vis Exp (118).


Affinity and competition for TBP are molecular determinants of gene expression noise.
Ravarani C., Chalancon G., Breke
r M., Sanchez de Groot N., & Babu M.M. (2015)
Nature Communications (7), 10417.


The emergence of proteome-wide technologies: systematic analysis of proteins comes to age.
reker M. & Schuldiner M. (2014)
Nature Reviews Molecular Cell biology (15), 453-464.

The yeast ER-intramembrane protease Ypf1 refines nutrient sensing by regulating transporter abundance.
Avci D., Fuchs S., Schrul B., Fukumori A., Breker M., Frumkin I., Chen CY., Biniossek ML., Kremmer E., Schilling O., Steiner H., Schuldiner M., & Lemberg MK. (2014)
Molecular Cell (56), 630-640.

A novel single-cell screening platform reveals proteome plasticity during yeast stress responses.
Breker M., Gymrek M. & Schuldiner M. (2013)
Journal of Cell Biology (200), 839-850.
*Recommended by Faculty of 1000.
*Highlighted in: Short B. (2013) The plastic proteome. Journal of Cell Biology (200), 685.

Formation and dissociation of proteasome storage granules (PSGs) are regulated by cytosolic pH.
Peters L. Z*., Hazan R*., Breker M*., Schuldiner M. & Ben-Aroya S. (2013)
Journal of Cell Biology (201), 663-671.
*equal contribution
*Recommended by Faculty of 1000.


Interactions of subunit CCT3 in the yeast chaperonin CCT/TRiC with Q/N-rich proteins is revealed by high-throughput microscopy analysis.
Nadler M*., B
reker M*., Gruber R., Azia A., Gymrek M., Eisenstein M., Willison K.R., Schuldiner M. & Horovitz A. (2012)
PNAS (109), 18833-18838.
*equal contribution

Get3 is a holdase and moves to sites of protein triage when membrane targeting is blocked.
Powis K., Schrul B., Tienson H., Gostimskaya I., Breker M., High S., Schuldiner M., Jakob U. & Schwappach B. (2012)
Journal of Cell Science (126), 473-483.

Fate Mapping Reveals Origins and Dynamics of Monocytes and Tissue Macrophages under Homeostasis.
Yona S., Kim KW., Wolf Y., Mildner A., Varol D., Breker M., Strauss-Ayali D., Viukov S., Guilliams M., Misharin A., Hume DA., Perlman H., Malissen B., Zelzer E., Jung S. (2012)

Immunity (38), 1073-1079.


Explorations in Topology – Delving Underneath the Surface of Genetic Interaction Maps.
ker M. & Schuldiner M. (2009)
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